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The Optimal Health & Wellness group aims to lead Jamaica and the Caribbean into the emerging global nutraceutical and cannabis markets as the leading resource for a complete range of products and related services providing outstanding quality, service and value for money.

Dr. Heinz-Peter Becker leads CannaMed and the Jamaican Herxbalist Team. Doc, as he is affectionately known returned home to Jamaica after years of study and travel as a Naturopath, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Clinical Psychologist. The Optimal Health Group was born of over 30 years’ experience in ethnobotany, integrating Chinese, Ayurvedic, equatorial indigenous and Jamaican herbology with his experiences growing up in rural Jamaica where herbal medicine still is a core part of life. His practice and product development are influenced by a passionate interest in health and harmony of mind, body, spirit and our precious planet. His inspiration is fine-tuned by decades of treating all, from children heroically battling cancer and seizure disorders to arthritic farmers and Olympic athletes.  Doc is the founder of The Optimal Health Group which includes the Pain Clinic, Doctor Bird Herbals, CannaMed Jamaica and Jamaican Herxbalist product lines, developing herbal products and supporting sustainable, organic farming benefiting our health, local farmers and the environment.